Get off your @$$


So I have had this blog set up for months and have yet to post anything. I think that if there was to be a title for me, it would be the ‘Queen of procrastination’. there are so many things that I want to do in my life, but I haven’t done any, because I put it off for tomorrow. And when tomorrow comes, I put it off for the next tomorrow. 

I decided that if I was to ever see any of these ‘dreams’ coming true there was only one thing to do… GET OFF MY ASS. I know it’s a bit vulgar and not too appropriate, but sometimes you need a rude awakening for things to get done. 

For example, I have always been a bit of a chubby girl. And even though my boyfriend says that he likes me the way I am, I have never been comfortable with the way I look. And even though I would look in the mirror and hate the way I looked every day, I did nothing about it. I would sit around on my ass, while it got fatter. Eventually I had had enough. I got off my ass and worked my ass. I am not nearly close to my goal weight, but I can look at myself in the mirror and be happy with my ass. This is a very personal example, but its relevant. 

It could be anything. Going for that run, painting that picture, cleaning that room, getting that job, or starting that blog. There’s only one this to it. Get off your ass and do it!

I hope that this helped someone, because those four words have definitely helped me. No more putting it off for tomorrow.

Thanks for reading. Until next time xx


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