Honesty from here on out 

As much as I want to post things about beauty and fashion, I also want to post my real opinion about real things. Besides, this wouldn’t be Truly Stacy if I was not being true to myself or you as a reader. 

I get that it’s easier to hide behind a facade. It’s more pleasant too, since you can hide the ugly truth/ the brokenness inside. But how is that any different from pleading ‘not guilty’ for a crime you know you committed? I feel like beauty bloggers are so admired because they seem to be perfect. They have something to aspire to. But I’m sure that their real lives are not as luxurious as they seem. I don’t want to be like that. So it’s honesty from here on out. 

Here’s the truth:

  • I am a Christian. I’ve grown up in a Christian home and have always been very involved in my church. I love it! My church is my family. I suppose I used to be afraid of what people think of my being a Christian, but honestly, I don’t care anymore. I have received the greatest gift (salvation and grace) and that should not be hidden. 
  • I suffer (for lack of a better word) from anxiety. Panic attacks, social anxiety, the lot. It’s not fun at all, and it does prevent me from doing many things that I would like to do. I don’t want to go too in depth about this now, but if you would like me to elaborate on it then please leave me a comment.
  • Even though I have not been diagnosed my a professional, I do struggle with depression. I know that everyone has times when they get depressed, but the hardest thing is feeling alone in this. I feel like depression, anxiety, etc. are frowned upon in Christian circles. And being a pastor’s daughter (oh yeah, forgot to mention that my parents are pastors) I feel like I can’t speak about it. Once again, if you would like me to elaborate, let me know in a comment. 

There are so many other things about me that I could talk about, but then we’d be here for days. All in all, I am not normal. And I do not intend to be. No more hiding behind the facade that I have created in my life. This is the real me.

Until next time xx


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