Worshiping the worship? 

This last Thursday (15.09) I had the privileged of attending Bethel Music’s worship night in Pretoria. It was such an amazing night of worship. Worshiping the King with 20 000 people! There was, however, something that bothered me. Were we worshiping God, or were we worshiping the worship?

I am not saying that no one there was truly worshiping, but I did catch myself singing without actually meaning what I was singing. I found myself getting caught up in the songs, the moment and the atmosphere, instead of being caught up in the magnitude of the God in whose presence I was standing. It didn’t even matter that my favorite worship team was leading the songs. Being in His presence should be enough.

I think what frustrated me the most was at the end, when Amanda Cook was walking off of stage. People were standing at the barricade calling Amanda and taking pictures of her as she walked. This was not a concert and they are not celebrities. The members of Bethel Music are just people who lead other people into worship. As a singer myself, I dream of leading thousands into worship, but not for the fame (not that Amanda Cook or anyone else is doing it for the fame). I want my worship of God to overflow and cause others to look at God and be overwhelmed by His greatness. Not because of anything I can do, but because He is worthy.

Okay, rant over. God is still God, and He will glorify Himself regardless. And he speaks and moves in ways that you don’t expect. It was amazing how there was a receding theme in the worship. Jeremy Riddle and Amanda Cook both spoke about about  Ezekiel 37 and the Valley of Dry Bones, but God kept speaking to mean put love. My love for Him and others, and His love for me. There were a number of moments when I was just so overwhelmed by His love that I could not even sing.

Lord God come awaken love

Come stir my soul to long for all You are

I’m desperate just to have more of Your heart

Come awaken love

‘Cause I live to love You

Almighty God of love

And my desire is to know you

And give you all my heart 

-Come Awaken Love, Hunter G K Thomas- 



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