Outfit of the Day – Exploring Air Museum


This year, we spent Heritage Day (24th of September) at the South African Airways Museum Society. We spent the day exploring the old airplanes and photographing EVERYTHING! And everything included my outfit, so I figured I would do an Outfit of the Day post.


I am one of those girls who loves a good sale and outlet stores, so linking everything that I wore was near impossible. So I spent hours searching for very similar items…

Top: Cotton On, cami Top  (similar top)

Jeans: Pick ‘n Pay Clothing, jeggings (similar jeggings)

Shoes: Forever 21, jeweled sandals (similar sandals)

Bag: Chinese shop, beige postman bag(similar bag)

Necklace: Mr Price (similar necklace)

Jawbone: Jawbone Up Move, black with wrist band

Here’s a few more shots from the outing:IMG_0567_edited.jpg

Because touching the bottom of a plane’s wing as a shorty is a huge deal!




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