Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer is here! (well in the southern hemisphere at least) Here are my essential beauty products for summer time:

Pink Lips – I love rocking a pink lip from time to time, but Autumn/Winter seem to be the times for dark lips. So when the warmer months roll around, I bring out all of the pink! Here are a few of my favorite pink lipsticks:IMG_0875_edited.jpgIMG_0876_edited.jpg

Bright/ pink eye shadows – I’m not one for blue, green, or yellow eye shadow. But when Summer comes, I’m all about the pink and warm eye shadows. Here are some of the ones you’ll find me wearing throughout summer: IMG_0880_edited.jpg

Bronzer – One of the main problems with being an inside dweller is pale skin. SO when it’s time to bring out the dresses and shorts, I bring out the Bronzers as well:IMG_0884_edited.jpg

Setting mist – With the heat that summer brings, there is no guarantee that your makeup will stay in place all day. I mean, no one really wants their eyebrows melting and ending up on their eyes. This is why a setting spray is so important, and I love this Loreal  one!IMG_0896_edited.jpg

Bright colorful nails – Coming out of the colder months, the first thing that I want to do is get rid of the dark nail colors and embrace the bright nail varnish:IMG_0883_edited.jpg

Moisturizers – Heat and dry skin = the worst combination. I love this moisturizer from The Body Shop. It is a moisture Sorbet, so it melts on your skin and instantly cools your face. And it obviously moisturizes your face too.IMG_0886_edited.jpg

Foot Butter – Hot weather means sandals. And no one wants to have dry crusty feet. This is why I put foot butter on everyday! This one from Oh So Heavenly, with peppermint and Shea, is one of my favorites.IMG_0889_edited.jpg


So there you have it, those are my essential Summer Beauty products. I uploaded a YouTube Video along with this post. Check it out here: Summer Essentials – Beauty | Truly Stacy

Until next time xx


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