Getting out of the slum

I haven’t posted here in a very long time. This is not because I have had nothing to write about, I have just been feeling really down over the last little while. But I am back! I  am out of the slum, and am ready to type away.

If you read my post about being honest, you will have know that I struggle with depression. And although I refuse to let it control my life, I can have days when it clouds my creativity and thoughts. It makes it feel almost impossible to do something for others, as it makes me and my feeling the most important thing in my head. I go through normal life completely emotionless. Like a robot. Thinking only of what needs to be done and the simplest way in which to do it. But this is no way to live.

I know that I am not the only person who gets depressed. And I am no expert on mental illnesses. But I know that you cannot let your thoughts and feelings control you. Life is great! There is so much more to life than getting by, or just trying  to have an okay day.

So I have decided to challenge myself. I am going to intentionally tweet 1 good thing every day!

My reason behind this is as follows: when it seems as though everything is grey and dark, all that you need to do is change your view-point. Even though I have days when I can’t be positive, there is still at least one good thing in the world. Even if it is just a good cup of tea,  every day holds something beautiful. So I am going to force myself to see it.

If you would like to follow me on this journey, then please head over to my Twitter (@Truly_Stacy) and follow me. Please feel free to remind me to look for the good everyday. I would also love it if you would also join me  finding one good thing every day. Use the hashtag #OneGoodThing in your tweets and Instagram post. 2016-28-11-14-30-45

I doubt that something as simple as a tweet a day will change the world, but it will definitley change your view on the world!

Untill next time xx



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