Budget Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner, and main thing on everyone’s mind is ‘what to get for people’. And if you are on a budget, getting gifts is ever more difficult. So here are some gift ideas (all under R100/ $10) for the ladies in your life. These gifts are also great for stocking stuffers and Secret Santa.

Stationery Lover:
img_1217-01Notebooks in my opinion are the best gifts. Typo has a huge variety of notebooks. (I can’t go in that shop without buying a notebook…I have a problem)img_1226-01Typo also have the most amazing pencil bags. This is my favourite one. I use it for my makeup actually. So it would double as a gift for a Beauty Lover too!

Beauty Lover:

It is tricky to buy gifts for beauty lovers, since makeup is very much a personal preference thing to buy. This is why mini creams and cosmetics are perfect! The ‘giftee’ can try new things and repurchase larger ones if they like it.

Smellies Lover:

Candles are always a great gift! You can get cheap ones like this one. This one was less than R20 from Mr Price Home. I wrapped a ribbon around it to make it look less cheap.

This candle is slightly more expensive (R99), but it is cute and smells amazing! This specific one is honey and vanilla scented, so it isn’t as intrusive and almost everyone will like it. These candles come with all sorts of sayings on them, from funny to cute.


Tea Lover:img_1273-01

Everyone has someone in their lives who loves tea, any kind of tea. For this person I would buy a mug (it doesn’t have to be Christmas themed) and a yummy tea. The tea I have chosen is a Woolworths tea. This one is cranberry, cinnamon and apple flavoured. You can’t get much more festive than that!


Sentimental Person:


Lastly, you can DIY something. This is a perfect gift for someone who is sentimental. I will be doing a blog post on how I made these personalized Christmas baubles soon. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

I have made a video where I explained all the gifts in more detail. You can watch it HERE

Here is a list of all the items above and where you can get them:

Notebooks – Typo – from R49.99

Pencil Bag – Typo – R99.99

Good Stuff mini’s – Dischem/ Pick ‘n Pay – from R30

Candle – Mr Price Home – R19.99

Candle – Superbalist – R99

Tea – Woolworths – R30.95

Christmas Mug – Evermore – R24




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