There is a DIE in Diet 

I’m back. I haven’t posted in ages and I figured that it was about time that I got back into this. 

So here’s what has been going on since I last posted: 

  • Christmas. Yes, that dreadful time of eating far too much and hating yourself for it.
  • Stress. Too much stress means too much bad eating. 
  • Panic attacks and feeling down. And of course, that means that I was eating badly too. 
  • My brother got engaged. This has nothing to do with eating, but at the same time, it has everything to do with eating. 

Basically, I have not been eating very well over the last few months. But I have decided to take control of that. 

And of course, my brother’s wedding is coming up and I need to fit into a bridesmaids dress. So this is pretty good motivation to change my lifestyle. 

So here is what I have decided to do… I will not be on a diet, but simply eat healthier. I am cutting out sugar, dairy and bad fats. Opting for lemon water over soda and also eating smaller portions. 

You see, I have a theory regarding diets. There is a reason the word DIE is in DIET.  Whenever one chooses to go on a diet, the only thing on their mind is food. Food. Food. Food. What to have next. What time to eat next. Where to eat. Etc. And you end up eating more than you should. Not only that, but the pressure of a diet makes you feel even worse when you mess up, and you resort comfort eating. This is why I have decided not to diet, but simply eat healthier. 

As for exercise, I am doing my best. I’m not the most sporty or fit person, but I am determined to try. 

I have a few weeks to lose a couple of centimeters, and I will keep you all posted on this little journey of mine. 

Let me know in the comments below if you are pro diet or not. Please also tell me what your secret for keeping healthy is. 

Until next time xx


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